Convert BRAW to H.264/H.265 MP4

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Convert BRAW to H.264/H.265 MP4

braw to mp4 converter

BRAW is an advanced video format that adapted by Blackmagic Design cameras, this format can maintain high quality of video and audio, it works as the RAW file of recorded videos. If you have recorded some BRAW files with Blackmagic camera and now want to convert BRAW to MP4 format for playing for editing, you can follow this article, we will share the best BRAW converter with you, it can help you to convert BRAW to H.264 MP4, H.265 MP4 and other formats easily.

In recent years Blackmagic Design has released a lot of excellent cameras and camcorders, the devices released in the past years have adapted the BRAW as recording video format, this is advanced format that can maintain RAW data of video and audio. As the BRAW format is new and advanced, it is not supported by many players and editing programs, so it is not so convenient to edit or play, many users have encountered the issue to play or edit BRAW videos, just like the problems showed below, you can check whether you have meted with the similar issue.

BRAW to MP4 Conversion Questions

“Hi there, I was wondering if any product supports conversation from BRAW format to popular H.264 MP4 format? I want to convert BRAW files to H.264 MP4 format for playing, but I don’t know what software can do this, I read a post that said it is difficult to convert the BRAW files from the Blackmagic Design camera to MP4, can you help? Many thanks!”

“Can you tell me what video converter software has added support for BRAW format? I have some BRAW videos and now I would like to convert BRAW to H.265 MP4 for watching, if you have got a BRAW converter can you show the detail BRAW to H.264 conversion steps with me? Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks!”

BRAW format is very hot in video editing in recent years, more and more users have the Blackmagic Design cameras that can record 4K or higher resolution videos, as more BRAW files are recorded or shared, most users want a BRAW converter for using, because with BRAW converter you can easily convert BRAW files to H.264 MP4, H.265 MP4, MKV, MOV, M4V or other formats, and then you can use the converted videos more conveniently, for example, it becomes convenient for sharing and playing, everything will be more convenient once we get a BRAW video converter.

BRAW to MP4 Converter for Mac and Windows

On the market it is hard to find BRAW to MP4 converter that can help you to convert BRAW videos with good quality and speed, because BRAW is special format and it is difficult to add support for it. But please don’t worry, in this article, we will share the best BRAW to MP4 converter with you, you will get BRAW converter for Mac or BRAW converter for Windows 10, and then you can convert BRAW to H.265 MP4 or convert BRAW to H.264 MP4 easily.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is the best BRAW to MP4 Converter that you can choose. It is the top 4K video converter on the market, it has full support for BRAW files, you can convert BRAW videos to H.264 MP4, H.265 MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV or any other formats, or convert Blu-ray/DVD/UHD videos to H.265 MP4 or H.264 MP4 format. Besides, this BRAW to MP4 converter has rich optimized formats for editing programs, smartphones and HDTVs, now you can download the best BRAW to MP4 Converter for Mac and Windows, and follow the steps below to use this BRAW to MP4 video converter on your computer. Both Windows version and Mac version are available to use.

What BRAW Converter can do for you?

  1. Convert BRAW to MP4 format in H.264 or H.265 codec;
  2. Convert BRAW to MKV, MOV, M4V, AVI or other formats;
  3. Convert Blackmagic BRAW video on Mac and Windows;
  4. Convert BRAW to FCP X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, Vegas Pro, etc.
  5. Convert BRAW to iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android smartphones, etc.
  6. Edit BRAW videos with trimming, cropping, 3D, effect, audio, etc.
  7. Convert BRAW to 4K, 1080p, 720p and other resolution formats.
  8. NVIDIA and AMD video card acceleration supported.

How to use BRAW to MP4 Converter on Mac and Windows?

Step 1. Please download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac or Windows from product page, launch it as the best BRAW to MP4 Converter for Mac and Windows, you will see the main interface. You can use the BRAW to MP4 Converter to convert BRAW files to H.264 codec, H.265 codec or any other formats.

Free download and try MXF to FCP Converter for Mac Free download and try MXF to FCP Converter for Windows

Step 2. Click “Add Files” button on the top left corner to load the BRAW videos that you want to convert, you can load BRAW videos, or add videos like 4K MKV, 4K MOV, 4K H.264 MP4, 4K H.265 MP4, M4V, etc.

BRAW to MP4 Converter

Tip: If you want to convert Blu-ray and DVD movies, please click “Load Disc” button to import, Acrok Video Converter Ultimate supports blu-ray discs, DVD discs, blu-ray ISO files, DVD ISO files, blu-ray folder, DVD folder, etc. you can use it to digitalize your blu-ray and DVD collections.

Step 3. Please choose output format you need in this BRAW to MP4 converter, there are rich output formats that you can choose, for example you can convert BRAW to H.264 MP4, convert BRAW to H.264 MOV, convert BRAW to H.265 MP4. please choose output format according to your need, for example you can simply choose “Common Video -> H.264 MP4 Video (*.mp4)”, this format is the best compatible format for players and editing programs, you can also choose other formats as you want.

Convert BRAW video to 4K MP4

Step 4. Before BRAW to MP4 conversion starts, you can click settings button on the main interface to adjust the output parameters, such as resolution, bitrate, frame rate, codec or others, if you don’t need to adjust you can skip this step. The BRAW to MP4 converter is very easy to use, you don’t need to do complicated settings.

Step 5. The final step is to click convert button to start BRAW to MP4 video conversion process.

The best BRAW to MP4 converter will help you to convert Blackmagic Design camera recorded BRAW videos with high quality at fast speed, this BRAW to MP4 converter adapted AMD and NVIDIA video card acceleration technology, so it will save much conversion time for you. Now please take a free try on BRAW Converter Mac version or Windows version, it will help you to convert BRAW files to other formats conveniently, and it won’t let you down.

Tip: With this powerful BRAW video converter, you can convert BRAW to MP4, convert BRAW to H.264, convert BRAW to H.265 or other codecs easily. With the optimized formats, you can transcode BRAW videos for popular video editing programs, such as convert BRAW to FCP X supported apple prores 422 or prores 4444 codec, convert BRAW to Avid Media Composer DNxHD codec, convert BRAW to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, etc. once you get the best BRAW to MP4 converter, you don’t need to worry about the usage of BRAW files anymore, Acrok Video Converter Ultimate will help you to solve compatibility issues conveniently.

Tip 2: Acrok Video Converter Ultimate can support videos recorded by popular Blackmagic design cameras, such as Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2, Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K, Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Blackmagic URSA Broadcast, Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, etc. nearly all the cameras are supported.


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