Import H.265 videos from Nikon Z9 to Premiere Pro CC

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Import H.265 videos from Nikon Z9 to Premiere Pro CC

Import H.265 videos from Nikon Z9 to Premiere Pro CC

Delivering speed, image quality, and connectivity, the Nikon Z 9 is a professional-grade camera characterized by its newly developed sensor, advanced AF performance, and high-resolution 8K video recording. And you may have trouble working those Nikon Z 9 files in Premiere Pro CC. In this article, we will outline the best workflow for importing Nikon Z9 H.265 to Premiere Pro CC.

Q1. I have a lot of Nikon Z9 clips which is converted to .mp4 files, for editing in Premiere Pro CC. My backup files are also .mp4, and I have deleted the native H.265 files. Recently I bought Adobe Premiere for editing in Premiere Pro CC, and I am not going to use Final Cut Pro X(actually, I don’t have it anymore). But it looks like Premiere Pro CC don’t handle my H.265 files very well. It looks like bad streaming, like its something wrong with the frame rate. When I import native Nikon Z9 files everything works perfectly fine. But the problem is all my old files, which is converted to .mp4. I have to find a way I can use them in Premeire Pro CC.

Q2: Can’t edit 8K H.265 files in Premiere Pro CC – my files from new Nikona Z9 are killing my Premeire Pro CC 2020. never had this with the Nikon D850. did some searching and it looks like it might be the h.265 codec (can any one confirm?). found someone where ther suggested using handbrack to convert allmy files before editing. is this the most efficient solution? does gopro not have an app for converting?

One the one hand, the problem may be caused by the H.265 codec. On the other hand, it may be related to the video decoding. In fact, it might take a lot of time to find the exact reason.

As you know, MP4, and MOV are all the supported formats of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Why Vegas can’t import and open Nikona Z9 footage correctly? Well, the problem is mainly due to that Premeire Pro CC is pretty picky with the codecs of what it’ll accept; it doesn’t like H.265 in MP4 and MOV container. That’s why Premeire Pro CC won’t open it. To fix the problem, a good enough solution is to transcode Nikona Z9 videos to Premiere Pro more editing-friendly format like MPEG-2.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is a professional tool that can deal with Nikon Z9 videos to MPEG-2 for Premiere Pro CC editing without quality loss. For other editing software users and movie fans, you can convert any 8K, 6K, 5K, 4K and Full HD camera recordigns or downloaded MP4, MOV, MP4 movies for editing in Final Cut Pro X, Vegas Pro, DaVinci Resokve, etc. Plus, with the built-in video editor, you can also choose to trim, crop, add watermark, subtitles to your original videos. Now just download it and follow the below guide to transcode H.265 for playing and editing in Premeire Pro CC perfectly.

Download H.265 to Premiere Pro CC Converter:

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Guide: How to Convert Nikona Z9 H.265 to MPEG-2 for Premiere Pro CC

Step 1: Load Nikona Z9 videos

Run Acrok Video Converter Ultimate as the best H.265 Video Converter, click “Add file” icon to load Nikona Z9 clips to it.

Load Nikon Z9 H.265 videos into Acrok H.265 Video Converter

Step 2: Choose Premiere Pro CC compatible format

You just need to go to “Editing Software -> Adobe Premiere MPEG-2 (*.mpg)” as the best video format for editing Nikona Z9 H.265 footage in Premiere Pro CC keeping good video quality.

Convert Nikon Z9 H.265 to MPEG-2 for editing in Premiere Pro CC

Step 3: Start conversion

Start the Nikona Z9 video conversion for Premiere Pro CC by clicking the “Convert” button. Once the conversion is done, you can transfer the converted H.265 footage into Premiere Pro CC for editing smoothly with ease.

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