Panasonic AJ HPX3100 MXF to FCP Converter

“I have a Panasonic AJ-HPX3100 camcorder shooting videos in P2 MXF, I want to import the MXF footage into Final Cut Pro X for editing but failed. I have seen from FCP X forum that¬† FCP X should support P2 MXF. I don’t know what was the matter. Maybe I lost some content or have no plug-in. Anyway, I have found out that Apple ProRes 422 is the best format for importing into FCP X, so I’m considering how to transfer AJ HPX3100 MXF files to ProRes 422.” convert MXF video files for FCP on Mac, MXF to FCP Converter which recommends by many users can best satisfy your need. It can transcode AJ HPX3100 MXF recordings into 720p/1080p ProRes 422 with minimal changes. It also enables you to make MXF playable on iPad 5, iPhone 5, Galaxy Tab 3, Nook HD+ etc. What’s more, you are able to do some simple cutting to your AJ HPX3100 MXF files and add 3D effects.

Details for converting Panasonic AJ-HPX3100 P2 MXF files to ProRes 422.

Step 1. Free download Panasonic MXF to FCP Converter.
Launch MXF to FCP converter after installation. Click “Add video” to import AJ HPX3100 P2 MXF footage into this AJ HPX3100 video converter. You can preview MXF videos with MXF to FCP Converter.

MXF to FCP Converter

Step 2. Choose the output format.
Click on “Format” and choose the output format from the list. Choose “Final Cut Pro” then “Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)” maintain the original HD quality. Click “setting” to adjust the video and audio according to your personal preference.

MXF to FCP Converter - Formats

Step 3. Convert AJ HPX3100 MXF to Apple ProRes 422 MOV.
Choose the output route for the videos then click the button below the preview window to start converting Panasonic AJ HPX3100 MXF footage to FCP ProRes Composer.

With little time and several clicks, the problem of FCP X, FCP 7, FCP 6 does not support the P2 (MXF) files has solved. MXF to FCP Converter is the best choice for converting Panasonic AJ-HPX3100 P2 MXF files to FCP ProRes 422.

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