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Best MXF Converter for macOS Big Sur and Windows 10. Convert MXF and other formats to ProRes, H.264, H.265, MPEG-2, etc.

Sony FX6 Premiere Pro - Edit Sony FX6 MXF in Premiere Pro CC

Import and edit Sony FX6 MXF in Premiere Pro CC

“I have a Sony FX6 camcorder and shot 58mins test footage with it in MXF format. I want to edit the 4K footage in Premiere Pro CC, but failed when importing Sony FX6 recordings into Adobe editing software on Winows 10. I’m now considering of encoding 4K MXF files into H.264 codec. Do you have…
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edit MXF in Premiere Pro CC

How to edit MXF in Premiere Pro CC smoothly

Adobe Premiere Pro CC, is one of the most common professional video production suites for Mac and Windows users. Comparing with its predecessor elements and Premiere, it adds native support for MXF files from Sony, Panasonic and Canon, and also includes XAVC files from Sony F55 series. This new features immensely enhanced user operational feasibility…
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Edit Canon XF400 4K XF-AVC in Premiere Pro CC

Edit Canon XF400 4K MP4 in Premiere Pro CC

We write this tutorial to help those who are having issues editing Canon XF400 XF-AVC footage in Premiere Pro CC smoothly. It explains a workaround to transcode Canon XF400 video to MPEG-2 codec for use in Premiere Pro CC with optimum performance.